Tour Description

You have two options to do this activity; in the morning or in the afternoon, you will be picked up from your Kusadasi hotel.

And, you will start your day with a sense of adventure and you will find a chance to discover nature. This tour is totally for adrenaline lovers. You drive half an hour from Kusadasi and arrive at Pamucak Beach. Our tour guide will give you information about the tour, the safari rules, and a safety briefing. After the explanation, the tour guide will take each person for test driving. (Helmet is obligatory). After test driving, you pass through bushes, off-road areas, waters, and woodland. You will drive the buggy for about two hours, then you head back to the starting point.

At the end of the quad safari, you will be transferred to your hotel.

What is Kusadasi buggy safari?

Kusadasi buggy safari is an off-road adventure that allows you to explore the scenic landscapes and natural beauty of the region on a rugged all-terrain vehicle called a buggy. Buggies are small, open-air vehicles with four wheels and are specifically designed for off-road driving, allowing you to traverse through rough terrains, dirt roads, and dusty trails.

Is prior experience required for Kusadasi buggy safari?

No prior experience is usually required for Kusadasi buggy safari. The buggies used for these tours are designed to be easy to operate, and you will receive instructions from the tour operator before the safari begins.

Is it safe?

While buggy safari can be an adventurous and thrilling experience, it also involves some risks, as you will be driving off-road on uneven terrains. It is essential to follow the safety guidelines provided by the tour operator, wear the provided safety equipment, and follow the instructions of the experienced guides. Adhering to the rules and guidelines will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Destination:3
  • From:Kusadasi
  • Plan:10 km ofroad, Pamucak Beach
  • Price:€50.00
  • Included:
    • Transportation
    • Driving a BUGGY
    • Helmet
  • Excluded:
    • Tips - Gratitue
    • Personal Expenses